Worksite Issues

PHT Approves 2% Gain-Sharing Payment and 5% Returns to Paychecks

A lively, occasionally excruciating, debate at today’s PHT meeting ended with a 4-1 vote approving the 2% gain-sharing agreement between Jackson and its unions. Meanwhile, in tomorrow’s paycheck, employees will see the first increase in take-home pay in four years!

Local 1991 Highlights in 2013

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Dec. 10 Bargaining Update

On Dec. 10, the SEIU Local 1991 bargaining team sat at the table with management to go over pending issues. Read on for a summary of where we are on the 5%, bonus pay and step raises.

Part-Time to Full-Time Conversions

As you know, Jackson management made an agreement with SEIU Local 1991 to convert part-time personnel who were working full-time hours back to full-time status. Those who worked at least three shifts a week for at least nine of the …

Safe Patient Handling Research

Efforts to reduce injuries associated with patient handling are often based on tradition and personal experience rather than scientific evidence. The paper linked below summarizes current evidence for interventions designed to reduce caregiver injuries, a significant problem for decades. Despite strong …

Eight New Staff Added in PT and OT

With the help of active members in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, SEIU 1991 began pushing management to address the inadequate staffing levels in their areas, with the result that four new staff were added in each unit.

New Stewards Empowered and Inspired at Workshop

More than two dozen stewards gathered last week for an all-day workshop held at Local 1991 offices in Miami Gardens.
“It was very informative and empowering,” said Esther Cazo, RN, a clinical staff nurse from the Jackson South OR who attended the workshop.

Take Action on Safe Staffing

Safe staffing and patient safety are our top concerns as healthcare professionals. You can have a direct effect on Jackson’s staffing decisions by joining the campaign to report every instance where patient safety could be compromised by insufficient staffing. Below …

Steward Training – March 21

This Thursday is the steward training session for anyone who has not received it. You will find it enlightening and empowering! The March 21 session begins at 8:30 a.m. with breakfast and runs until 5 p.m. If you have not …

New Uniform Policy is Official!

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Fill Out Our Online Hurricane Pay Form!

Management has unilaterally changed the way we are paid during a hurricane and other emergency periods. While we have filed a grievance and arbitration is scheduled for October 30th, 2012, we want to be informed of the individual violations that may occur prior to the arbitrator’s ruling. Please submit your information via our online form.

Local 1991 Wins Back PL Time for OR On-Call Nurses

SEIU Local 1991 scored a major victory in winning a class-action grievance for OR on-call nurses after management had violated a longstanding past practice for compensating nurses in the OR who were on-call. The union had filed a grievance and …

JHS Layoff Plan: The story behind the story

After a thorough analysis of the layoff notifications in the SEIU bargaining unit, a team of SEIU Local 1991 members led by President Martha Baker, RN, has discovered that the massive layoff of 426 RNs at Jackson Memorial Hospital was most likely initiated by a math error.

More Information on Jackson Layoffs

Management has violated our contract by implementing an ill-conceived layoff plan. The process has become unnecessarily cumbersome and has brought added confusion to an already difficult time at Jackson. Over 400 (CSN) staff nurses system-wide have received layoff letters. However, management is creating 300 or so part-time CSN positions.
We believe these part-time positions should have been filled via the reassignment process, which would have avoided hundreds of layoffs. Needless to say, management has gone forward with the plan and we must survive.


At the link below, you will find a complaint form to complete if you have any serious information to report regarding the Public Health Trust. There are certain provisions under both Florida law and the Miami-Dade County Code that protect …


Jackson’s management has once again shown a tremendous lack of respect for frontline caregivers and other employees by not discussing the layoff plan with us or seeking input before issuing the devastating and life-changing layoff letters to employees.


Union Wins Class-Action Grievance For OR On-Call Nurses!

SEIU Local 1991 has won a class-action grievance for OR on-call nurses!

Management had violated a longstanding past practice for compensating nurses in the OR who were on-call. The union had filed a grievance and the issue was resolved on Monday, March 26th, with management recognizing the past practice. The settlement affects nurses who work an on-call shift and their next scheduled shift falls within 11.5 hours of their on-call shift. Their next shift is to be covered with AD time, not PL time.

Jackson Employees Stand Up For Patient Care at Public Hearing

Fed up with management’s refusal to listen to their concerns, hundreds of Jackson employees packed a public hearing today to warn Miami Dade County Commissioners about the devastating consequences of mass layoffs. Above: Yaakov Reif, RN, and his fellow coworkers from TICU spoke before commissioners during the special hearing on Jackson.

Come to a Special Meeting of the County Commission About Jackson on March 22nd!

It’s time for our elected officials to do the right thing and PROTECT patient care at our public hospital and PRESERVE the services our community depends on! Above: President Martha Baker, RN, urges the crowds to put pressure on elected officials to save Jackson at our press conference on March 6th.

More Information Regarding Jackson Layoffs

We have received some more specific information that includes job classifications on the layoffs announced last week. Click here to see the job classifications in the SEIU bargaining units that are on Carlos Migoya’s layoff plan.