Union Victories

Commission Votes to Return the 5%!

A grueling and contentious 12-hour hearing for seven county unions ended Dec.5 with an 8-3 vote in favor of returning the 5% to county employees. The Mayor may veto the decision, which would trigger another vote to override his veto, as occured when the Commission approved the 5% for Solid Waste workers earlier this fall.

Jackson Turns Out to Win 5% for Sister Union

Jackson employees showed up in force at the County Commission to help a sister union get its 5% back, winning the issue 8-4. Next up: We work on our 5%!

Eight New Staff Added in PT and OT

With the help of active members in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, SEIU 1991 began pushing management to address the inadequate staffing levels in their areas, with the result that four new staff were added in each unit.

Hurricane Pay Agreement

Local 1991 won our grievance related to hurricane pay for August 26, 2012. Affected employees who have yet to receive the agreed upon compensation for their time should contact the union office at union@seiu1991.org. Should you have any questions, click …

Part Time to Full Time Conversions

In January, our union negotiated with JHS management to create a process that would allow all part-time CSNs (both the 12 1/2-hour shift and 8-hour shift) to convert to full-time status. To get converted, part-time employees had to work a …

New Uniform Policy is Official!

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Big Victory in Tentative Deal to End Outsourcing of Main ER and Rape Treatment Center

Weeks of discussions have produced a settlement agreement with JHS management that achieves victory on several pending class action grievances, stops the PL deduction and, most importantly, saves the jobs of our doctors and nurse practioners who work in all JHS ERs. The settlement also clears the path for us to begin applying savings made from the efficiencies we are finding toward reducing the 5 percent insurance contribution.

Union Victory for Overtime Payment Issues!

After a meeting with President Martha Baker, RN, management has agreed to hold off on their plans to take back money from members who were overpaid, due to errors in Jackson’s payroll system — a huge victory for our members! …

Safe Patient Handling Program Launched!

The Safe Patient Handling Program, which was initiated by SEIU Local 1991 and jointly accomplished by labor and management, has finally come to fruition!

Jackson South’s OB Unit Saved!

Our union celebrates a huge victory on Thursday, July 8th, after county commissioners voted to keep Jackson South’s OB Unit open, overturning the PHT Board’s previous decision to close our vitally important maternity center. Local 1991 members and community supporters …

$35 Million Released for Jackson, Thanks to the Work of our Members!

Last week, Gov. Rick Scott finally agreed to release the $35 million in Low-Income Pool funding for Jackson Health System, which was approved by the Legislature in the 2009-2010 budget. This was a day after scores of our members flooded Gov. Scott’s inbox with emails, urging him to approve the funding for Jackson.

Victory for Local 1991 Member Stephanie Mair!

SEIU 1991 is thrilled to announce that Stephanie Mair, RN, has been reinstated to her job at Jackson Memorial’s Mother/Baby unit with back pay and benefits after the union intervened on her behalf.

Victory on Saving 40-Hour Work Week

Our union has reached a win-win settlement of our arbitration on maintaining the option for full-time RNs to work 12 ½ hour shifts three days one week and four shifts the next OR three shifts and three shifts, with mutual agreement.

Victory at Jackson South! Two Union Members Help Save Wound Care Center

After a series of crucial meetings, Jackson’s administration has decided against closing the Wound Care Center at Jackson South, thanks to the persistence of members Doris Rahming, RN, a Local 1991 officer, and Kim Fernandez, RN.