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Make a Difference on the County Commission!

Volunteer July 26 and Aug. 16  10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 9847 E Fern St., Palmetto Bay RSVP:  union@seiu1991.org.  Remember how tough it was to get our 5% back from the Mayor and Commission? If Tuesday’s county budget hearing was …

County Budget Fight Heats Up

The County Commission meets today to discuss the budget proposed by Mayor Carlos Gimenez. The budget contains major service cuts as the Mayor attempts to shift the blame from his management to the hard-working employees who keep the place running every day.

County Budget Watch

The County budget process will have an effect on the working conditions and pay of many county employees. As Mayor Gimenez looks to fill his budget hole on the backs of county workers, it’s time to pay attention.

2014 Tallahassee Session Report

The good news about the 2014 session was as much in what we stopped from happening as anything. The highlights include saving Jackson from $140 million in cuts, protecting JHS labor contracts and state pensions and stopping a bad wage theft bill.

Tallahassee Update – Week 8

There is only one week left in the legislative session. Here are a few updates from this week: Jackson Medicaid Funding Gap Delayed Safety net hospitals got a one-year reprieve from a controversial funding formula that would have cost them hundreds of …

Jackson Workers Put State Rep. Bileca On the Spot

Rep. Michael Bileca wouldn’t respond to the press and refused to meet with us when we showed up at his office to ask him a simple question — Where does he stand on the amendment to take away the County Commission’s final say over labor contracts at Jackson?

Tallahassee Update – Easter Break Edition

Here are a few highlights (and low lights) from last week’s legislative session in Tallahassee. It was the last week that committees in both chambers could meet (with the exception of Rules and Approps). i.e. if your bill is still …

Volunteers for Daniella Levine on May 10

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House Republicans Take Aim at Jackson Unions

On Thursday, a House committee approved tacking on seven amendments to a health care bill. The worst one proposes to take away the Miami-Dade County Commission’s power to approve labor contracts with employees at Jackson Health System. We’re fighting this one all the way.

Florida in Health Coverage Gap Spotlight

If you ever wonder whether we’re being heard when we, as healthcare professionals, go out there and advocate in Tallahassee, read this story.

Jackson Nurses Fight for Women’s Rights at Supreme Court

Last week our own Donna Bent, RN, and Anne St. Paul, RN, joined thousands gathered to rally in Washington, D.C. as the Supreme Court heard cases that could jeopardize access to affordable birth control for millions of women.

Jackson Healthcare Professionals Take Tallahassee

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Lobby Day Summaries

For all members who are attending this year’s SEIU Local 1991 Lobby Days, here are links to the issues we will be fighting for in Tallahassee. Read ahead and get prepared for an exciting session! Agenda here: 2014 Lobby Day Agenda …

Tallahassee in 2014 — Healthcare, Jobs and Education

The legislative session has begun in Tallahassee and there are a number of important issues we will be following in the next two months. They include Medicaid expansion, pensions, Jackson funding, safe lift and staffing ratios bills and an effort to expand the scope of practice for nurse practioners.

Final Agreements on 5% and Gain-sharing

The SEIU Local 1991 bargaining team and JHS management tentatively agreed to stop taking the 5% healthcare concession retroactive to Jan. 19, 2014. JHS also agreed to a one-time 2% gain-sharing payment. Click to read the agreements and get the ratification schedule.

Help Expand Healthcare in Florida

Last year, the Republican leadership in the Florida House made the ridiculous decision to reject $51 billion in federal aid to expand Medicaid eligibility to 1.2 million Floridians. Once again, a coalition of healthcare advocates will be fighting for the healthcare …

5% Passes PHT, 3% Delayed

The PHT easily passed the 5% agreement at its Jan. 27 meeting, but deferred a vote on the 3% gain-sharing agreement for up to 30 days.

BIG WIN on the 5% for SEIU Local 1991!

Months of fighting for an end to the 5% contribution have come to a close, resulting in a big win for the nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals of Jackson Health System. Click to read the details.

It’s Groundhog Day… Again…for 5% Win

First, the good news: We won! The County Commission voted 8-5 to return the 5% to county workers. The bad news: eight isn’t enough to be veto proof.

5% Fight is Back On Jan. 16!

The County Commission has voted three times to do the right thing for county workers. After the Mayor’s last veto, the Commission voted 8-5 in our favor — just one short of the two-thirds required to return our 5%. Round (what are we up to here – 50?) commences Jan. 16. Be there to fight for what’s right.