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Member Civic Leaders Celebrate a Milestone

Congratulations to our member graduates!  These dedicated SEIU Local 1991 members recently completed months of classwork and training to become leaders in their union and community.  The classes, taught by SEIU staff, covered a variety of topics including economic and …

SEIU Local 1991 and Our Coalition Partners Speak Out Against ACA Repeal Bill

  Click on the link below  to watch a video about SEIU Local 1991 and our partners with The Miami Healthcare Coalition who joined forces to speak out against the Graham-Cassidy bill–the latest failed attempt to repeal and replace the …

Special Election Victory

Annette Taddeo won the special election for the Senate District 40 seat.  She won 51% of the vote–another example that every vote really does count.  Our members played an important role in helping Taddeo. Members helped to canvass and phone bank …

August 19 Day of Action

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Fight back against the AHCA

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Help Protect Our Care

If President Trump and his allies in Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act, more than 2.2 million Floridians would lose their health coverage. The good news? All the phones calls, letters and in-person visits we’ve been making are working!

Local 1991 Endorsed Candidates for Nov. 8

Election Day: November 8 Early Voting: Oct. 24 – Nov. 6 Voting hours 7 a.m.-7 p.m.  Voting locations in Miami and in Broward. Click on the link for the county in which you are registered to vote. The endorsement card contains …

Are You Election Ready?

To protect our jobs, families and communities in an important election year, we have to get out and vote — and make sure everyone else we know does too.

READ ON for important dates, voting information and how to get involved!

August Primary Voting

Primary Election – August 30, 2016
But Don’t Wait – Vote Today!
Early Voting in Miami-Dade is Aug. 15-28
Early Voting in Broward is Aug. 20-28

Local 1991 Members Help Pass ARNP Bill

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Fight for $15 on April 14

On Thursday, April 14, SEIU members and allies will support thousands of actions in cities across the country to raise awareness of the minimum wage issue. There are several actions planned throughout the day in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Find one you can support!

Wins for Workers’ Rights But Tough Fights Ahead

It was a very good week for working people. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court sided against the wealthy special interests behind the Friedrichs v California Teachers Association case, which threatened to effectively restrict the rights of teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses and …

California Becomes First State to Agree to $15 Minimum Wage

Three-and-a-half years after 200 fast-food workers walked off their jobs in New York City, sparking a national movement for $15/hr and union rights, the Fight for $15 won its biggest victory yet when Gov. Jerry Brown reached a deal with state legislators Monday to make California the first state to pass a $15/hr minimum wage.

SEIU Endorses Hillary Clinton

Members: Clinton supports our movement to build a better future for working families VIDEO: Watch SEIU members speak about why they support Hillary Clinton WASHINGTON — After a rigorous, months-long member engagement process, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) today …

Sign Up for Lobby Day 2016!

SEIU Local 1991 will once again be traveling to Tallahassee where we will lobby for healthcare funding, advocate for legislation that will help our patients and fight off damaging bills. This year’s trip is February 17 and 18, 2016. Register by …

Health Advocates Pressure Legislature

May 28, a coalition of health advocates converged on the Hialeah offices of state Rep. Jose Oliva to deliver a petition from thousands of Floridians who demand that the Legislature expand Medicaid. It was one of several actions around the state in the run up to the special session that began on June 1.

Get the Facts: Medicaid Expansion in Miami

The Medicaid expansion debate can be confusing. Read this handy reference that explains the impact of expansion on the people in our Miami-Dade community and our safety-net hospital system. It’s time to take action!

Jackson Healthcare Pros to Tallahassee: Walk in Our Shoes

 Press Advisory: Rebecca Wakefield 305 804-7051 rebecca@seiu1991.org As gridlock grips Tallahassee over health care policy, frustrated nurses and doctors from South Florida will deliver flip flops to Governor Rick Scott and their worn-out shoes to House leaders who claim that …

Fight for $15 Gains Ground

Ahead of the largest-ever mobilization of underpaid workers set to take place on April 15, everyone from the chairman of Ben & Jerry’s board to late night comedians to the editorial page of the New York Times is lining up behind the overwhelming call for $15 an hour and union rights.

Fight for $15 – April 15 Events

National Day of Action: join the Fight for $15 on 4/15. On April 15, working people, students, faith organizations, union members, and others in communities across the country will stand together for a national day of action to call for higher wages, …