Member Activism

Fight for $15 Gains Ground

Ahead of the largest-ever mobilization of underpaid workers set to take place on April 15, everyone from the chairman of Ben & Jerry’s board to late night comedians to the editorial page of the New York Times is lining up behind the overwhelming call for $15 an hour and union rights.

2014 Year in Review

As we come to the end of another year at Jackson Health System, it’s worth taking a quick look at all we’ve accomplished together in 2014!

Help Get Out the Vote!

All the polls are showing the race for Governor is a dead heat. It will all come down to who can turn out their people to vote. At Local 1991, we are committed to ensuring each of our members casts …

Trauma Center Nurse Manager Fights for Staffing

Carla Quigley, RN, ASN, MS, CCRN, spent 18 years at Jackson before she fully understood a basic truth about the public hospital — it’s incredibly complicated and difficult to change. Quigley, who has spent more than seven years as either nurse …

Members Tackle Short Staffing at Main ER

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Jackson Nurses Fight for Women’s Rights at Supreme Court

Last week our own Donna Bent, RN, and Anne St. Paul, RN, joined thousands gathered to rally in Washington, D.C. as the Supreme Court heard cases that could jeopardize access to affordable birth control for millions of women.

Sign Up For 2014 Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a free skill-building program for members that will help you become a more effective leader both at Jackson and in the community. Make a better workplace and a better community.
Learn. Grow. Lead.

Immigration Reform Update

It’s been five months since the Senate passed its immigration reform bill, S. 744. Each day that the House of Representatives refuses to take up reform costs the country an estimated $37 million. House Speaker John Boehner has said that House Republicans won’t agree to go …

2013 COPE Blitz Successful

The Committee on Political Education (COPE) is members’ outlet for political activism on issues that matter most to us. Activities range from lobbying elected officials, to signing petitions, speaking out at public forums and writing letters to the editor. The money raised …

Tailgate for Jackson Bond at Dolphins Game!

Want to get into one of the most popular Dolphins games of the year for free? SEIU 1991 members and guests can join the fun while helping our public hospital this Sunday, Oct. 20.
Volunteer to leaflet for two hours before the game, enjoy food and music, then join us for kickoff at 1 p.m.

SEIU Members Keep Healthcare Issue Alive

Easily 300 people from across South Florida turned out to the Broward Legislative Delegation’s Town Hall on Healthcare to tell the lawmakers to keep fighting for healthcare expansion.  From gut-wrenching personal stories about juggling health issues while uninsured to expert …

Speak Out for Our Patients!

Call your state legislator right now at (866) 443-1844 and tell them to support Medicaid expansion. Take a stand for our patients, our hospital and the community. Tell them to take the money and save lives!

Local 1991 Member Blasts Ryan Budget Proposal

If Congressman Paul Ryan could talk to patients like the young man Denise Glass, RN, saw last week in the Jackson emergency room living with a large, painful testicular mass he couldn’t afford to get treated, he might reconsider his disastrous budget plan. “Everybody told me I need to go the hospital but I don’t have any money,” the patient told his nurses. “I got my wife and kids and I work, but you know I just don’t have more money for the hospital. Can you just do something so I can go to work?”

Medicaid Action Call March 15

For the next 30 days, healthcare advocates from around the state are making calls to their legislators to support Medicaid expansion. Friday, March 15, is our day to make calls. Register online today to give your ten minutes to the cause.

Local 1991 Members Get Political

Florida senators and representatives spent the last week of February in their home districts meeting with residents in preparation for the 2013 legislative session. Local 1991 members took advantage of the opportunity to meet with their legislators about priority issues such as Medicaid expansion.

Union Members Testify About Medicaid Expansion

On Feb. 11, SEIU Local 1991 president Martha Baker, RN, and board member Maggie Pena, a social worker, traveled to Tallahassee to testify about the necessity of Medicaid expansion to Jackson Health System.

Local 1991 Members Participate in Health Summit

On Jan. 10 and 11, Local 1991 members Vilma Bates, R.N., Marlene Bachrach, ARNP, and Kathleen McGrath, R.N., participated in the Florida Healthcare Affordability Summit that was put on by the Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) in Orlando.

Uniform Policy Indication Inclusion Still Work in Progress

A packed room of nurses and other healthcare professionals from across the Jackson system greeted management representatives who turned up Jan. 22 to bargain the impact of the new uniform policy proposed by Chief Nursing Officer Ric Cuming, RN.

January 2013 COPE Political Update

COPE members returned from the holidays in January with a renewed energy to get involved in politics at every level. If you missed the meeting,  mark your calendar  for February 12, 2013 at noon for the next COPE meeting (DTC …

Police Officers and Fire Rescue Join Our Fight to Keep Jackson’s ER Public!

Police and firefighters held a press conference on Wednesday, Sept. 12th, outside Ryder Trauma Center to oppose plans to privatize Jackson’s Emergency Room services and Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center. “We don’t serve bankers, we don’t serve lobbyists, we serve patients,” City of Miami firefighter Troy Sutton said. “Don’t allow big money to privatize our public hospital or patients will suffer.”