Nurse Lobby Day

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Nurse Lobby Day A Success

Last week, 100 of our friends and colleagues from JHS went to Tallahassee to lobby legislators on Medicaid expansion and funding for Jackson. See coverage here. They met with dozens of legislators, were recognized in the chamber of the Florida …

Speak Out for Our Patients!

Call your state legislator right now at (866) 443-1844 and tell them to support Medicaid expansion. Take a stand for our patients, our hospital and the community. Tell them to take the money and save lives!

Join Us at Nurse Lobby Day!

Mark your calendar for SEIU Local 1991’s annual NURSE LOBBY DAY! Our union will pay travel expenses for members to attend a two-day lobbying trip on April 17 and 18 in Tallahassee, Florida. It’s a popular and inspirational event. Don’t miss out!

Health Care, Education Tug-o-War — WATCH THE VIDEO!

Nurses and teachers say they’re being pitted against each other in a tug-o-war battle for state cash. Lawmakers are trying to balance the budget with two billion fewer dollars. They plan to cut two billion dollars from heath care and increase education spending by a billion. They joined forces in Tallahassee to announce they will not compete in a budget tug-o-war.

The Miami Herald: Educators, healthcare workers say state should increase revenue, not cut spending

Check out coverage in The Miami Herald of our press conference in Tallahassee during Day Two of our Nurse Lobby Day!

Members Take Off For Tallahassee!

On Feb. 1st, several of our members met at Fort Lauderdale International airport to board a plane to Tallahassee for our annual Nurse Lobby Day!

Nurse Lobby Day 2011

As Legislators marked the half-way point in the 2011 general session, nearly 100 Local 1991 members, CIR doctors and  nurses from other unions, descended on Tallahassee to let our voices be heard about issues affecting our patients and profession. After …