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Member roundtable with Senator Klobuchar

In December, we were proud to host a labor roundtable about workers’ rights with candidate for President Senator Amy Klobuchar, alongside other local union leaders from United Teachers of Dade, United Faculty of Miami Dade College and the South Florida AFL-CIO.

Senator Klobuchar discussed the dignity of work and the necessity of strengthening our unions and protecting rights like collective bargaining.

“When our unions are strong, the economy is strong,” she said. “When the economy is strong, our people are strong.”

Read more in the Miami Herald’s coverage of the event.


SEIU has not yet endorsed a candidate in the Presidential race. We’re focused nationally on ensuring that unions are represented at the ballot box, and spending time with as many candidates as possible to educate them on our priority issues — like health care access, climate change, and economic justice. When we do endorse a candidate we’ll look for someone who has pledged to fight for the issues that matter most to our members.

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August unit-based team training at Jackson

Unit-based team training
We recently hosted a great training for our unit-based teams (UBTs) from Jackson South and Holtz. Teams learned about the rapid improvement model (RIM) and how to craft strategic, measurable goals for their teams to study — for example, improving patient satisfaction within a unit from 75% to 80% or reducing the pharmacy waiting time from 40 to 30 minutes. IMG_5151
The central idea of UBTs is to give a voice to frontline employees to help improve the patient experience and outcomes at Jackson. “No better voice than your voice,” said Chief Experience Officer Michelle Kligman.
26 UBTs are currently active across Jackson, each of them working with co-leads from management and from the union. They are focused on areas including workplace safety, affordability, and responsiveness.
IMG_5155 IMG_5198 IMG_5210
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Nurse Hospital Week 2019

nursesweek sign

This May, we proudly celebrated all the nurses and hospital workers who are truly the heart and soul of Jackson Health System. We are so thankful for each of you and we strive to uplift your work not just during Nurse Hospital Week, but every day of the year.

View photos from the celebrations

We were also excited to stand alongside management and celebrate some of the great work of our unit-based teams. Our UBTs are tackling critical opportunities to improve performance and the patient experience through partnership. Thanks to everyone who presented on their work and to all the teams who are raising the bar on performance at Jackson.

Learn more about UBTs at Jackson

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Member Photo Gallery

SEIU Local 1991 Member Holiday Party

Click the above link to see more than 100 photos from our SEIU Local 1991 Holiday Party.  Enjoy :-)


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Nurse Lobby Day Photos

dolphinsLocal 1991 members had a big impact in Tallahassee.

Check it out.

Click here for the photo album.

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Nurse Lobby Day A Success

NLD2smallLast week, 100 of our friends and colleagues from JHS went to Tallahassee to lobby legislators on Medicaid expansion and funding for Jackson.

See coverage here.

They met with dozens of legislators, were recognized in the chamber of the Florida House, held a press conference and delivered personal stories to House Speaker Will Weatherford’s office.

The presence of so many knowledgable healthcare professionals in purple scrubs really had an impact!

To see photos of Local 1991 in action, click here. Check out our Facebook page for video, including a special song we sang to lawmakers urging them to do the right thing.

We still need to take action on this issue in the last two weeks of the session. We are targeting moderate Republicans who might be persuaded to vote for an expansion compromise against the wishes of Weatherford.

In South Florida, the targets include Reps. Erik Fresen and Manny Diaz Jr., but all our legislators need to hear from us. Everything we are doing is moving the debate in the right direction.

Just today, Republicans in the House started talking about compromising with the Senate on expanding healthcare and one House Republican proposed an amendment backed by House Democrats that gets much closer to the Senate plan.

Speaker Weatherford is now in the position of trying to deny that he’s twisting arms to keep his House under control. It’s not enough, but better than where we were last week.

Keep up the pressure!

Call your state legislator right now at (866) 443-1844 and tell them to support Medicaid expansion.

Take a stand for our patients, our hospital and the community. Tell them to take the money and save lives!

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Speak Out for Our Patients!

Layout 1Medicaid expansion is important for the health of our community, our hospital — and our state budget.

That’s why we are taking a stand and asking the Florida Legislature to take the billions in federal money to extend healthcare coverage for more than a million Floridians. You’ll be seeing some of your colleagues in ads like the one pictured here. See who you recognize!

Medicaid expansion is state and national priority for SEIU. In the coming days, you will be hearing and seeing ads on local TV and radio and have the opportunity to participate in the debate. Click click on “Enough Politics” to see the Miami TV spot and on  “Typical Tallahassee” to listen to a radio spot.

On Tuesday, Local 1991 president Martha Baker will talk about the issue on WMBM 1490-AM with State Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez and Bishop Victor Curry. Don’t miss the show, starting at 9 a.m. Also look for Martha’s editorial on the subject, scheduled to appear in Tuesday’s Miami Herald.

On Wednesday, 100 nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals from Local 1991 will fly to Tallahassee to lobby legislators on the need for Medicaid expansion and other critical Jackson funding. They will tell stories about patients who have fallen through the cracks of the system because they can’t afford health insurance but make a bit too much to qualify for Medicaid under current rules.

Competing bills are being debated in Tallahassee this week. The session ends May 3.

On Thursday, Local 1991 will hold a press conference in the state Capitol at noon to speak out for our patients. In Miami, a vigil for healthcare expansion will be held at 6 p.m. in San Jacinto Park, 4430 SW 15th Terrace. It’s aimed at telling State Rep. Erik Fresen to expand healthcare now. Join the crowd to send a message!

The easiest thing you can do is simply call your legislators and tell them to take the money! Call your state legislator right now at (866) 443-1844 and tell them to support Medicaid expansion, which would ensure that families of three who earn up to $26,000 a year would have access to much-needed healthcare coverage. You’ll hear a message and then be prompted to enter your zip code to be connected to your legislator.

Two other reasons to support Medicaid expansion: Jackson stands to get $35 million from Medicaid expansion, which would cover more than 5000 annual admissions of uninsured patients coming through the Jackson ER — and treating patients through primary care is five times cheaper than treating a crisis in the emergency room.

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Join Us at Nurse Lobby Day!

Mark your calendar for SEIU Local 1991’s annual NURSE LOBBY DAY!

Our union will pay travel expenses for members to attend a two-day lobbying trip on April 17 and 18 in Tallahassee, Florida.

It’s a popular and inspirational event. Don’t miss out! The deadline to register is April 2.

Members who would like to attend must be COPE contributors and please remember to apply for PL time! Email us at to get the signup form. Or fill it out online here.


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Local 1991 20th Anniversary Party Photos

These good people are part of the core group that has made Local 1991 so effective for 20 years.

Did you attend the Local 1991 20th Anniversary Party at the Kovens Center at Florida International Univeristy? It was a great time for all, full of fond memories.

Find yourself, or your friends, here.

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Health Care, Education Tug-o-War — WATCH THE VIDEO!

February 2nd, 2012 by Whitney Ray

Nurses and teachers say they’re being pitted against each other in a tug-o-war battle for state cash. Lawmakers are trying to balance the budget with two billion fewer dollars. They plan to cut two billion dollars from heath care and increase education spending by a billion. As Whitney Ray tells us, nurses and teachers joined forces today in Tallahassee to announce they will not compete in a budget tug-o-war.

They grasped the rope tightly; teachers on one side, nurses on the other. The tug-o-war publicity stunt is symbolic of how education and health care workers say they’re being treated by state budget writers.

“We are not going to make this a fight between public education and public health care dollars to save our children’s education or to save their health care,” said SEIU Local 1991 President Martha Baker.

If there is a war, then teachers are winning. The governor and House budget proposals increase education funding by a billion dollars. Health care is facing a two billion dollar reduction.

Cutting two billion dollars from Medicaid would only save the state 400 million dollars; because most of Florida’s health care money comes from federal matching grants. Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich says the cut doesn’t make fiscal sense.

“You are dealing with 1.4 billion of federal revenue that we would not draw down for use in health care,” said Rich.

Rich says neither teachers nor nurses need to keep tugging on the rope for more money. She has a plan to raise state revenues, by ending corporate tax loopholes.

“We are not talking about tax increases. We are talking about making everybody pay their fair share of taxes that are already on the books,” said Rich.

With that in mind the two sides dropped the rope and joined forces to support the Fair Economy Act. So now they’ll be tugging it out with Republican lawmakers who see eliminating the loopholes as a tax increase. To avoid paying state taxes, some multi-state businesses with locations in Florida shift their profits to states with tax exemptions specific to their businesses. It’s completely legal. The Fair Economy Act would make it illegal.

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